The Opportunity

The existing induction and onboarding program was meeting their needs but with the growth of their team, Amicus saw the opportunity to improve their people practices further and to create a market leading employee experience.

In 2016, the company invested in a Head of Talent to ensure they developed an internal team who could ensure their expansion matched their vision and values.  In 2017 the HR Team’s focus changed from an administrative, processing role to a Strategic Employee Experience (SEE) one. The team were responsible for developing and leading all new and current team members through our recruitment, onboarding and entire life cycle of the employee experience.

The disciplined use of psychometrics has given us an immediate platform to discuss performance priorities during on-boarding. Prior to this project, it would have taken us months to identify development priorities and start to address them.  In contrast, the use of the psychometrics puts us all (especially the line manager and the new employee) in a development mindset prior to the person starting. I can think of several real-world examples where this has helped us and the candidate significantly accelerate the journey towards achieving competence and high levels of trust


Simon Coles, Chief Operations Officer, Amicus


  1. Application – Online application is completed through LiveHire.
  2. Interview – Interview and conversation conducted with the candidate to identify if the role is a mutual fit.
  3. Testing – Psychometric testing of a candidate’s cognitive abilities, personality and emotional intelligence, with a psychologist-written report tailored to the role.
  4. Feedback – Line Manager feedback with Maximus psychologist to provide insight into the psychometric assessment results.
  5. Reference Check – Reference checking, utilising probing areas identified in the psychometric testing process.
  6. Offer –  If they have made it this far, the job is offered to the candidate!
  7. Pre-boarding – Before starting, employees have a 30-minute discussion with a Maximus psychologist on their psychometric result and an optional 30-minute development discussion with Amicus.
  8. Start day – Employees arrive on their first day with an aligned set of development areas and a development mindset


The multi-touch onboarding process at Amicus provides an excellent candidate experience, as well as insights for both the line manager and the employee, enhancing time to competence. In 2018, the company won a Gold LearnX Award in the category of Project Induction/Onboarding.

Maximus is proud to be a part of Amicus’ award-winning onboarding approach. Find out more about what it’s like to work at Amicus:



“The last three recruits have spontaneously volunteered to me, without even being prompted, that their induction experience at Amicus had been beyond compare with anything that they had experienced at previous workplaces. They each highlighted the personal face to face attention by multiple staff, and structured/resourced onboarding program. I’m looking forward to my first development conversation with team members, knowing they’ll come to the conversation equipped both with psychometric data as well as reflections on their future journey.”


Steve Collis, Head of Workplace Strategy, Amicus