Designer. Speaker. Consultant.

Shane Currey is an Australian designer, facilitator, presenter, consultant and want-to-be anthropologist. Shane has worked the last 15 years in management consulting focused on human-centred design, culture, communications and leadership development.

Shane serves as an official ambassador at Good Design Australia, a speaker at VIVID Ideas Sydney, Judge at the Victorian Premier’s Design Awards and a presenter at TEDX Brisbane titled ‘Creativity, it’s in everyone’. He began his career at one of London’s largest publishing houses, Euromoney, which was a convergence of creative direction, media, public relations and luxury brands. Learning how to tell stories that people want to buy.

Shane then made the pivot towards professional services which was inspired by the study of Design Thinking at Stanford in 2012, it is at this point where his passion for design in business began. Shane’s focus at Maximus is to bring people and creativity together to reimagine how leaders grow, drive superior performance and thrive in a constantly changing business environment.

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