Coach. Educator. Motivator. Speaker. Challenger.

Mark Sowden is a Director at Maximus International. With a keen focus on mindset, he specialises in helping clients transform their organisations and the leaders within.

Working with leaders at all levels, Mark is interested in how people respond to everyday challenges and how they can draw on their inner strength to produce consistently great results. He brings great energy, enthusiasm and insight to his role, which sees him partner with clients to develop and implement end-to-end leadership frameworks. He also helps organisations to redefine their approaches to work, culture, leadership, organisational design, performance and rewards.

Mark has designed and implemented programs of change, focusing on how individuals understand and manage their mindset and thought patterns. With an understanding of neuroscience Mark helps individuals to maximise their potential by controlling their emotional response. Mark applies growth mindset strategies to maximise learning and understanding.

With a Bachelor of Science (Honours) Sports Science and Psychology and a Postgraduate Certificate in Education, Mark supports the long-established notion that high performers in business share the qualities and attributes of elite sports performers – and he draws on this in his work with clients.

“I am passionate about working with individuals and teams to unlock their potential and drive superior levels of performance. I love to enable people to grow, find their inner strength and reach challenges beyond their thinking.”

Recent Work


Mark has helped Sunsuper reposition itself to reach its goals by changing mindsets.

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