Leadership Expert. Mindset Shifts. Coach.

As a dual Olympian and a Silver Medalist with 15+ years industry experience prior to management consulting, James understands what it takes to unlock peak performance for the individual or a group in any context.

A strategic and results-driven professional, James’ expertise includes mindset shifts, behavioural change, focus, resilience, clarity, structured thinking and strategic leadership, whilst understanding the realities, commerciality and truths of the real world.

James has coached individuals, teams and executives to new ways of thinking, working and performing to unlock the leader within. His strategic perspective, systems thinking, excellent communication and ability to make sense of the way we think, feel and behave in different environments has enabled James to provide the shifts leaders need to learn, grow and accelerate towards their goals.

James’ industry experience is broad and spans Financial Services, Infrastructure, Media, Health, Technology, Education, Utilities, FMCG, Retail, Government and Professional Services.

My experience working with leaders, coupled with research and my own approach to delivering high performance over long periods of time has taught me the criticality of mindset to bring courage and clarity to individuals and organisations.”

James Chapman, Associate Director, Maximus

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