01. Have the curiosity to care.

A deep understanding and empathy is critical at this time, when your people might be caring for the vulnerable or have intense personal disruption. Proactively seek to uncover the problems this is causing them.

02. Connection and presence are as important as ever.

Presence does not necessitate physical presence, but this is absolutely not the time for absence. Communicate and check in with your people regularly. Encourage your people leaders to do the same.

03. Constantly seek and drive clarity within your team.

We are in a period of unprecedented change. Context will rapidly shift over the coming weeks and months, and it is important for you as a leader to recognise the relevant information your people need and provide it to them, quickly and regularly.

04. Keep the focus on activating performance and driving productivity.

Your traditional systems and processes will undoubtedly have been disrupted. Keep your mind on outcomes and seek novel ways of driving performance through your teams.

‘It is moments like this which define great leadership: the ultimate priority is to lead your leaders through this period and instill confidence in them to navigate these challenging times.’


Brent Duffy, Joint Managing Director

Maximus Virtual Masterclass Series

In addition to the open thought leadership Maximus has created to assist during this period, we recognise that a number of leaders require a deeper and more concentrated level of support to shift mindsets and manage the new normal.

Maximus has developed a selection of virtual masterclass experiences focused on delivering the capabilities and mindsets leaders require at this time.

Click here for more information on the Maximus Virtual Masterclass Series for leaders and executives.