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News: Chris Slattery joins Maximus with a clear mandate to drive growth

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We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Slattery in July as a Director at Maximus and a key member of the firm’s management team. In her role, Slattery oversees the firm’s operations and human resources functions. She also heads up Maximus’s government portfolio, which includes such clients as Transport NSW and Taronga Zoo.

News: Celebrating 15 years of transformative leadership; a new home, a new brand, the same gold standard

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We’re excited to be celebrating our 15th anniversary this November with an evening event in our new Jones Bay Wharf home in Sydney. It’s an opportunity to not only look back at a decade and a half spent working with great clients, many of whom will be in attendance, but also to look ahead to the future.

The changing landscape of sales leadership

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On my recent holiday I read Dan Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human. The chapters argue the growing importance of sales skills in both traditional and non-traditional sales roles. Dan’s perspective runs against the viewpoints of many that believe the art of sales is in decline. In a world full of information that is so easily accessible through technology, many think digital and social marketing is replacing the role of the traditional “salesman”

News: Maximus clients win at the Australian HR Awards

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On Friday, 9 September, more than 700 HR professionals converged on The Star Sydney to recognise the best of the best in people management at the third annual Australian HR Awards. Among the 19 award winners announced on the night, we are very proud to have partnered with seven of the finalists, including three of the winners.

How to audit your business strategy

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Strategic alignment is the process of bringing an entire organisation — including various business divisions, different levels of management, diverse employee groups, and the numerous supporting systems and processes — in line with its overarching strategic objectives. It’s the process of onboarding every individual person and process to ensure that they are all striving toward a shared purpose.

5 reasons succession plans fail

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Twenty-five percent of high-potential employees say they plan to change jobs within the next 12 months, showing potential attrition rate 2.5 times greater than just five years ago. And yet, 66 percent of businesses don’t see themselves as succession-ready.

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