The Brief

Johnson & Johnson (J&J) Australia and Maximus have worked together for four years. In a sector that is high on disruption and low on talent availability, J&J is taking a holistic, future-focused approach to building its talent pipeline. Maximus has delivered a series of customised talent management and leadership development solutions across the J&J Family of Companies: J&J Medical Devices, J&J Pacific, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals. These have included talent assessments, management team building, competency framework development, and psychometric assessments.

We have also delivered a core Talent Excellence Program four times from 2015, the first 2 of which were within Medical Devices, the latter 2 cohorts across the family of companies. Based off feedback and insights after each cohort, Maximus has partnered with J&J to incorporate the best from previous years as well as design new content elements. The program accelerates the development of high-potential individuals by providing the tools, mindset, energy, and environment they need to flourish as leaders at J&J.

“The program was extremely challenging, but I gained amazing insights into my leadership ability.”


“TEP helped me identify and define my ambitions. It provided a safe space to experiment with leadership behaviours and increased my contact and exposure across JJM. This has ultimately led to a new role and much more engagement at work”


The J&J Talent Excellence Program confirms participants have the desire to succeed in management and assesses their leadership potential. By the end, they understand the type of leader they want to be, their personal and career goals, and the experience they need to succeed.

The key focus areas are leadership, self-awareness, business acumen, and cultural alignment, with the personal as important as the professional. The program’s activities connect participants with their passion and purpose, so they know what drives them and can shift their mindset from being a contributor to being an authentic leader who leads with purpose.

We designed the program to deliver a connected, immersive experience. At its core is a learning centre that stretches and challenges people individually and collectively, using a combination of experiential learning, psychometric analysis, coaching, and development projects.

To embed learning and keep participants engaged, J&J invests in a personalised post-program development program and encourages the cohort to stay connected.


The J&J Talent Excellence Program is creating a pipeline of emerging leaders who are ready to live the J&J purpose and deliver the 2020 vision. Following the 2014/2015 programs, 65 percent of participants were promoted or changed roles, leading to J&J requesting a further program in 2016. Across these cohorts to date, 87% of participants have been promoted or changed roles since participating in the program.

J&J now has clear insight into the capabilities of the next generation of leaders; well-defined career and succession plans; and a framework that supports the appointment, transition, and development of the right kind of leaders. There has been a dramatic improvement in the retention of high-potential employees, who now feel valued and supported, and can see progression at J&J. For the last 4 consecutive cohorts, 96% reported that they saw a noticeable improvement in their leadership capability.

J&J has also benefited from the program’s action learning projects, where participants workshop solutions to real-life business challenges. To date, many projects have progressed to scoping and pilot phase. One recent project is progressing to piloting a new key account approach for public and private hospitals that will deliver better service and patient outcomes.

“TEP has been a huge part of my personal development and career journey. I think it helped me realise my potential in a more tangible and actionable way”


“This course was a turning point for me in my career at J&J. It opened my eyes to so many new people and divisions within J&J that I never even knew existed.”