Thought Leader. Facilitator.

Dr. Nora Koslowski is an Associate Director with over ten years of experience as a thought leader, facilitator and researcher. She specialises in applying the latest ideas and concepts from the world of research to commercial settings. Nora enjoys challenging her clients to think differently and to move outside of their comfort zone in order to generate meaningful change and deliver impact.

Prior to joining Maximus, Nora was head of the Department of Human Resources and Organisational Behaviour at the Lord Ashcroft International Business School in Cambridge, where she led a team of 12 researchers and educators, managing a client portfolio including Barclays Bank, Volvo, UPS and the British Armed Forces. Nora has a track record of speaking at international conferences and being invited to deliver expert commentary by the media.

Nora recently moved from the UK to Sydney and lives in Newtown with her partner. Outside of work, Nora loves challenging herself to do things differently, including hanging upside down during anti-gravity yoga.

“Growth and comfort do not co-exist. I’m passionate about partnering with leaders to explore the things that scare us, push beyond our own boundaries and face up to the unknown.”

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