Technologist. Futurist. Imagineer. Experienced Executive.

Katherine Boiciuc is a Director at Maximus International and a global leader with extensive experience in the technology and telco industries. Experienced across Retail, Consumer, Small Business and Enterprise sectors, Katherine has transitioned into increasingly senior and influential roles focused on change that matters, global impact and world technology enablement. Katherine joined Maximus after 19 years at Telstra where her team, across 20 countries, delivered services such as risk and compliance, strategic execution, productivity governance, CX strategy and NPS measurement, and digital enablement including deployment of Tableau, Salesforce and Einstein.

Katherine leads a portfolio of clients at Maximus, focusing on supporting leaders to adapt and grow through embracing disruption, experimentation with new technology and ensuring new ways of leading are embedded in daily practice. She enjoys enabling leaders and their teams to be future ready and thrive amongst the ever-increasing complexity of change that leaders face.

An experienced keynote speaker, Katherine advocates diversity and inclusion, women in data and the future of work.

“I thrive on helping people and organisations imagine more for themselves, then providing them with the tools and operating models to make it happen.”

– Katherine Boiciuc, Director, Maximus

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