Account Executive. Leadership Expert.

Adam has 10 years of experience in people leadership and management from the factory floor through to executive level advisory. He has worked in industry in a variety of operational roles spanning North America and Asia Pacific, providing strategic consulting advice across a broad range of topics. Through his work, Adam has seen first hand the impact and importance of strong leadership to ensure the successful delivery of an organisation’s strategic goals.

Adam takes a practical and individualised approach to leadership both for the leader and those being led. He focuses on making connections, enabling individuals to reach the best version of themselves while contributing to their company’s objectives.

In previous roles, Adam has applied his learnings to lead the creation and growth of new teams, designed transformation initiatives for some of Australia’s largest organisations, and delivered leadership development conferences for a multinational organisation.

Adam’s diverse background and skillsets combine to provide his clients with a unique, hands-on perspective to leading people, teams, and organisations. He is energised by working with people to enact change and achieve their potential and believes that consistent, structured challenges in our lives drives ultimately successful outcomes.

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