• Individual Assessment

    We know that organisations perform better when their employees are able to bring their unique skills, abilities, and interests into their work. Maximus uses a wide range of the latest and most respected psychological, cognitive and motivational assessment tools and instruments to assess individuals against the demands of different roles. Our team of consulting psychologists will partner with you to build and use these insights to make effective, human-led decisions in hiring, managing and developing your team.

  • Work Groups and Teams

    In business today, organisations rely on teams — not just individual skills — to solve problems, innovate and compete in the market. Maximus uses proven models from leading researchers to identify and understand the conditions in which teams and work groups perform at their best and achieve their goals. We partner with you to diagnose the performance of your work groups and teams, and to develop effective solutions to create the conditions where they can thrive.

  • organisation insight

    At Maximus, we believe that an alignment between strategy and organisation is integral to success. However, we appreciate that a holistic and systematic approach is required to fully understand an organisation’s true complexity and social dynamics. In fact, we’re humbled by it. We bring the full power of our expertise to learn about your aspirations and intent, and to identify the ways in which your organisation can take steps to continuously improve and ultimately transform for the better.

  • roi and measurement

    At Maximus, our success is the product of a clearly defined value proposition. We are committed to creating impact in the organisations we partner with. We evidence this contribution through purposeful measurement of ROI.

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