At Maximus we believe in making a positive impact on the world. This starts with the people we hire and extends to the experiences we create.

We want our corporate social responsibility program to go beyond donating money to making a real difference to individuals, businesses and Australian society. We do this by bringing our clients together with community organisations to learn about themselves while doing good, and by promoting socially responsible leadership through our leadership development programs and communications.


Forging community partnerships

Connecting clients with the world outside their office

We bring our passions to life by encouraging our leaders to support young people, providing opportunities for everyone and meeting basic human needs…these are the areas where we want to leave a legacy.

Through community partnerships, we develop authentic leaders and bring meaning and purpose into the workplace, connecting clients with their inner selves and wider society in a way that benefits everyone involved.



What has chopping herbs got to do with leadership? Ask one of the corporate executives from 24 Maximus leadership development programs who have facilitated ‘Cooking for a Cause’ events at the OzHarvest kitchens.

Since 2016, these events across Sydney and Melbourne have helped to prepare over 8,000 fresh meals for men, women, and children who would otherwise have gone hungry.

Knowing this gives mundane food preparation a different perspective. Participants take pride in the smallest task and are inspired to work harder together by the passionate people at OzHarvest – the chefs, volunteers, drivers and founder Ronni Khan. OzHarvest have had an amazing impact on turning unwanted and wasted food into delicious nutritious meals and we are so humbled to have been a part of helping them create that.

“Thanks to the amazing relationship established with Maximus, OzHarvest has been able to extend its reach and connections to many other organisations and industry leaders who share our vision and purpose.  This like-minded organisation shares our passion for nourishing our country and making a big impact in the local community.”

Candis Fraser, Corporate Engagement Coordinator, OzHarvest

Reach enterprises

Maximus has partnered with Reach Enterprises since 2015, including them in our program for Telstra. Reach runs programs for young people who feel they don’t fit in with society, to help them find their true path and inspire them to achieve their dreams. The workshops are designed and delivered by a young crew who know what it’s like to lack confidence and direction.

Reach Enterprises ‘Wake’ program is an immersive experience that connects executives with these young Australians, who have survived tough times and have inspiring stories to share. It’s a no-BS, challenging opportunity for leaders to think about their impact on those around them and make meaningful lifelong connections.

We’re proud that, by supporting Reach Enterprise’s work, our partnership contributes to changing the lives of thousands of young Australians every year.

Helping Hands Program

The Helping Hands Program makes and distributes prosthetic hands to landmine victims. Over the past three years, groups of our clients have changed the lives of 153 people by building and donating these hands.

Each team is instructed to make something using the equipment in a case full of bits of plastic and metal. They are frustrated, because there’s no plan and each participant’s dominant hand is covered by a mitt. Then they’re shown a video of what their work should achieve: an amputee using an artificial hand. That person can work again, ride a bike, hold their baby – the impact is profound and makes participants be grateful for what they have and inspires them to make a difference through leadership.

The impact is that teams work purposefully and collaboratively, because they have a direction and their work is meaningful. As leaders, they have more insight into how motivation and purpose impact teamwork.

“Maximus have been great supporters of ours since March 2015. Beyond the direct contribution they have made, the publicity and goodwill they have generated for our cause has been priceless. A big thanks to the whole team at Maximus on behalf of both our team and the recipients of hands they have made all over the world.”

Matt Henricks, Director and Australian Founder, Helping Hands