Maximus is partnering with organisations who are looking to transform their customer experience. We have developed a leader-led approach, acknowledging that leaders are at the core of driving organisational change.

We combine the rigour of Chip and Dan Heath’s model with Maximus’ expertise in transforming cultures and driving organisational change using a rigorous organisational design approach. We support organisations to implement and embed a change process to enable a customer transformation to occur.

The concept at the core of this is called ‘Moments’:


“There are lots of opportunities we can create with our customers and employees that we just overlook because we’re not thinking in terms of moments.”


Chip Heath, Author and Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business



Focussing solely on the customer journey can make you miss the moments that matter. The framework created around ‘Moments that matter’ is a simple, practical model that leaders and their teams can apply, from day to day moments through to larger moments with huge organisational impact. It is based around 4 broad principles:

  1. Elevation: Moments of elevation are experiences that rise above the routine. They make us feel engaged, joyful, surprised, motivated. To create them, we can (1) boost the sensory appeal; (2) raise the stakes; and/or (3) break the script. Research suggests that organizations dramatically under-invest in building peaks, choosing instead to fill potholes.
  2. Pride: Moments of pride commemorate people’s achievements. We can use three strategies to deliver pride: (1) Recognize others. A small investment of effort yields a huge reward for the recipient; (2) Multiply meaningful milestones—reframe a long journey so that it features multiple “finish lines.”; and (3) Practice courage by “preloading” our responses in advance, so we’re ready when the right moment comes.
  3. Insight: Moments of insight deliver realizations and transformations. To produce moments of insight for others, we can cause them to “trip over the truth” by revealing (1) a clear insight; (2)  compressed in time; and (3) discovered by the audience. To produce moments of self-insight, we must stretch, placing ourselves in situations that involve the risk of failure.
  4. Connection: Moments of connection bond us together. Groups unite when they struggle together toward a meaningful goal; they often begin their work with a “synchronized moment”. In individual relationships, it’s responsiveness that deepens our ties. A responsive interaction can bring people together very quickly.




“The ability to transform an experience from a pit to a peak hinges on our ability to think about moments.”


Chip Heath, Author and Professor at Stanford Graduate School of Business


Starting with discovery (organisational review) of current customer capabilities, expertise and approach, we work with you to uncover moments that matter within the organisation and customer experience. Throughout the process we shift mindsets and activate leaders to develop this new capability within their own teams. Maximus will then work with you long term to embed this approach within the organisation.

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