1. Acknowledge Uncertainty

As a completely new and likely overwhelming experience for leaders, context needs be reframed continuously. We help overcome the anxiety, providing structure and creating a confident and optimistic mindset.

2. Lead Impactfully, Virtually

This is not simply about mastering the technology, it’s more than that. It’s about leading through this crisis. We help leaders mobilise parallel resources, establishing presence and operational cadence.

3. Maintain Customer Centricity

Connecting with customers through challenges is critical: they will either be loyal or lost. We work with leaders to create peak moments for customers, driving presence, communication and connection at a deeply human level.

Outcomes from Series One: Leaders will transition to a mindset of confidence and optimism – with the tools and mindset to lead virtually. They will have the capability to set up their teams for success in the new normal.


4. Stay Connected & Productive

Leaders need to bring a mindset to drive momentum and deliver at pace through these  extraordinary times. We give practical tools and models for leaders to focus on productivity, moving their team from coping to high performing.

5. Manage Energy & Building Resilience

During this time there will be highs and lows. Leaders must identify and tune into them. Leaders will be fully equipped to actively manage energy and resilience, of both themselves and their people.

6. Transition to the New Normal

Leaders will obtain clarity on and share the bright spots, wins and opportunities that have arisen.We equip leaders to maintain alignment moving forward and give them tools to unlock emotional commitment.

Outcomes from Series Two: Leaders will be capable of fostering productivity and activating performance with and through their people. They will understand how to unlock the energy and emotional commitment of their people and the culture in this new normal.


1. Converting Uncertainty to Understanding Under Rapid Fire

Executives need to cut through the noise to convert uncertainty into understanding. Commencing with the current strategic state of the business, we assist executives to identify the context they need to hone in on, assess options and make the decisions that count to drive performance.

2. Reimagining Performance and the Business Opportunity

With change as a constant, executives are finding themselves rapidly reimagining their organisation, while trying to keep aligned and also maintain focus on purpose. We help to focus on bright spots and unlock impact at scale, creating and enabling a performance culture which is energised around the right business opportunities.

3. Cadence, Connection & Emotional Commitment in a Virtual World

As we transfer to a new normal, asynchronous cadence, authentic connection and the emotional commitment of your people will become essential to thriving organisations.
We work on the executive mindset needed to tap into the productivity and emotional health of the business, enabling impactful performance in a different operating environment.

Outcomes from the Executive Livestream Series: Executives will have the ability to lead hearts and minds in this new normal, lead an organisation virtually, cut through the noise and an action plan to drive alignment and support the organisation.

“It is moments like this which define great leadership: the ultimate priority is to lead your leaders through this period and instill confidence in them to navigate these challenging times.”


Brent Duffy, Joint Managing Director


Each masterclass will be run using a multi modal approach to technology. We are technology agnostic, meaning we design to create the most engaging and seamless user experience possible regardless of the platform.



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