Time: Thurs 25th March, 2021 4:30 PM Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

Duration: 1 hour

About This Session

Along with the severe health and humanitarian crisis caused by the pandemic, executives around the world face enormous business challenges: the collapse of customer demand, significant regulatory modifications, supply chain interruptions, unemployment, economic recession, and increased uncertainty. And like the health and humanitarian sides of the crisis, the business side has been lunged into new ways of making decisions, in strategy, operating model, people and technology.

Maximus Directors are joined by Emma Hogan, Secretary of NSW Department of Customer Service and Amir Haramaty, CCO at Spark Beyond.

“It is moments like this which define great leadership: the ultimate priority is to lead your leaders through this period and instill confidence in them to navigate these challenging times.”


Brent Duffy, Joint Managing Director

Maximus Virtual Masterclass Series

In addition to the open thought leadership Maximus has created to assist during this period, we recognise that a number of leaders require a deeper and more concentrated level of support to shift mindsets and manage the new normal.

Maximus has developed a selection of virtual masterclass experiences focused on delivering the capabilities and mindsets leaders require at this time.

Click here for more information on the Maximus Virtual Masterclass Series for leaders and executives.