• Set up crisis and contingency operating rhythms and rituals to support your business through this period.
  • Establish and communicate a live business position on key decisions and approaches to the safety of people, the performance of the business and the support of customers.
  • Drive agile tactics by creating daily COVID-19 stand ups and set up agile streams of critical work to stay on top of priorities.
  • Encourage your teams to adopt virtual ways of working by supporting the use of technologies and providing tips for working remotely.
  • Construct agile teams, identifying and connecting available resources intelligently to deliver on urgent deliverables.
  • How to host a great daily stand up

  • Moving to agile


  • Role model productivity in a new environment. Ensure your people see the value of a full days’ work through your own output. Avoid micro-management in lieu of extremely clear delivery expectations.
  • Quickly adopt new rhythms and delivery schedules in your team with openness across your working teams on daily delivery focus areas.
  • Rapidly pivot to new requirements by identifying available resource on a daily basis.
  • Make sure you connect work to purpose to keep energy high. People will deliver in this challenging time if they feel their work is valued and is contributing to steadying the ship.
  • How to be productive at home

  • How to keep remote teams productive, connected and accountable

Maximus Virtual Masterclass Series

In addition to the open thought leadership Maximus has created to assist during this period, we recognise that a number of leaders require a deeper and more concentrated level of support to shift mindsets and manage the new normal.

Maximus has developed a selection of virtual masterclass experiences focused on delivering the capabilities and mindsets leaders require at this time.

Click here for more information on the Maximus Virtual Masterclass Series for leaders and executives.