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The changing landscape of sales leadership

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On my recent holiday I read Dan Pink’s new book, To Sell is Human. The chapters argue the growing importance of sales skills in both traditional and non-traditional sales roles. Dan’s perspective runs against the viewpoints of many that believe the art of sales is in decline. In a world full of information that is so easily accessible through technology, many think digital and social marketing is replacing the role of the traditional “salesman”

News: Maximus clients win at the Australian HR Awards

Reading Time: 2 minutes

On Friday, 9 September, more than 700 HR professionals converged on The Star Sydney to recognise the best of the best in people management at the third annual Australian HR Awards. Among the 19 award winners announced on the night, we are very proud to have partnered with seven of the finalists, including three of the winners.

How to audit your business strategy

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Strategic alignment is the process of bringing an entire organisation — including various business divisions, different levels of management, diverse employee groups, and the numerous supporting systems and processes — in line with its overarching strategic objectives. It’s the process of onboarding every individual person and process to ensure that they are all striving toward a shared purpose.

5 reasons succession plans fail

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Twenty-five percent of high-potential employees say they plan to change jobs within the next 12 months, showing potential attrition rate 2.5 times greater than just five years ago. And yet, 66 percent of businesses don’t see themselves as succession-ready.

How to be a better leader in times of crisis

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Leading in times of crisis and uncertainty is something with which many organisations are grappling. In this article, we challenge you to think more deeply about individual and organisational leadership through the tragic case of the Mann Gulch Fire before outlining six leadership development lessons that you can use now to improve your leadership capability.

9 simple ways to be persuasive

Reading Time: 4 minutes

“Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done, because he wants to do it.”

Are your people all in?

Reading Time: 5 minutes

At Maximus, our business aligned to a set of tightly held truths. One of those truths is what we call being “all in”. To us, being all in is about being purposeful, immersed and great at delivering on promises.

Why always being 'on' is no longer on

Reading Time: 1 minutes

Technology has transformed the workplace. We use it to develop smarter strategies, improve our customer service, and communicate instantly. However, there’s a downside to it, too. If you’re a typical executive, the sheer volume of information you deal with every day makes it hard to focus on what’s important. There are too many distractions, there’s too little time to prioritise, and there’s too much fear of missing that vital piece of information.


The future learning organisation

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Traditional corporate learning doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The usual classroom-led courses and 70-20-10 mindset are familiar reminders of what corporate learning means to most employees. During these learning experiences, we hope that employees take away as much knowledge as possible and utilize it to not only make them better performers, but also better human beings.

19 books that will change the way you think about strategy

Reading Time: 5 minutes

At Maximus, we recommend 19 books to change the way you think about strategy and develop your leadership capability.

Performance management has failed

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Human resources has gotten caught up in a flurry of systems and processes. That overzealous desire for order and regulation belongs anywhere but in an organisation’s social hub. Excuse the psych jargon, but this is a prime example of Stratified Systems Theory. In other words, processes that are fundamentally human are getting policed with too much structure and complexity, making them disorienting and ineffective.

4 essential behaviours of modern leaders

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Your management style is a reflection of your personal strengths, weaknesses, attitudes and the values that you have build up over the course of your life. Because of this, there are as many kinds of leadership as there are leaders. From the autocratic to the democratic, from the conceptual to the task-oriented, managers come in all shapes and sizes – with varying levels of effectiveness.

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