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Want innovative teams? Develop inclusive leaders

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Since I last wrote about building an inclusive culture that drives innovation, I’ve frequently been asked about how leaders can contribute. One thing is for sure, without leaders’ buy-in, inclusiveness will never be truly embedded.

Culture transformation: the leader’s role in shaping culture

Reading Time: 5 minutes

CEOs are essential for culture transformation, but not in the way you might think. With culture at the top of the agenda for many organisations, it’s important to understand what culture is, the role top leaders play and the best way to activate change.

5 ways to be an inclusive leader and build an inclusive culture

Reading Time: 5 minutes

To perform at their best, employees need to feel they belong. The concept of diversity and inclusion (D&I) has been around since the 60s and it’s excellent to see how it has matured. Some organisations are extending diversity beyond gender and culture into ways of thinking, risk profiles and leadership styles.

Building a global mindset

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Thanks to globalisation, the importance of having leaders who can bridge the cultural divide is paramount. As CEO, your aim should be twofold: to ensure you and your people have the skills and capabilities to compete on the world stage; and to build a business strategy, infrastructure and approach that make it easy to seize every chance to trade across borders. This might mean, for example, reviewing your products with overseas opportunities in mind

The role of creative thinking in business

Reading Time: 3 minutes

When I ask for examples of ‘creatives’ in a business context, most CEOs refer to graphic designers, advertising copywriters or jingle writers. They never consider that they could be — and should be — creative thinkers themselves. They are surprised when I tell them that leaders who abdicate responsibility for creative thinking to a few people in defined roles are limiting the potential of their organisations.

Focus, conviction, and clever strategy execution

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Most companies are adept at developing strategies to differentiate and describe how they will win in the marketplace. Where they fail is often in the execution of those strategies. This article, originally published for CEO Magazine, looks at three ways to successfully execute strategy.

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