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The future learning organisation

Reading Time: 4 minutes

Traditional corporate learning doesn’t leave much to the imagination. The usual classroom-led courses and 70-20-10 mindset are familiar reminders of what corporate learning means to most employees. During these learning experiences, we hope that employees take away as much knowledge as possible and utilize it to not only make them better performers, but also better human beings.

19 books that will change the way you think about strategy

Reading Time: 5 minutes

At Maximus, we recommend 19 books to change the way you think about strategy and develop your leadership capability.

Performance management has failed

Reading Time: 3 minutes

Human resources has gotten caught up in a flurry of systems and processes. That overzealous desire for order and regulation belongs anywhere but in an organisation’s social hub. Excuse the psych jargon, but this is a prime example of Stratified Systems Theory. In other words, processes that are fundamentally human are getting policed with too much structure and complexity, making them disorienting and ineffective.

4 essential behaviours of modern leaders

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Your management style is a reflection of your personal strengths, weaknesses, attitudes and the values that you have build up over the course of your life. Because of this, there are as many kinds of leadership as there are leaders. From the autocratic to the democratic, from the conceptual to the task-oriented, managers come in all shapes and sizes – with varying levels of effectiveness.

Our 10 favourite TED Talks

Reading Time: 5 minutes

At Maximus, we love TED Talks. They spark our thinking around a variety of subjects from sales training and leadership development, to neurology and organisational psychology. Here are the top 10 TED Talks that we use to stimulate our thinking and inspire others.

Top 3 resources on the rapidly changing business environment

Reading Time: 5 minutes

The idea of change has long rested in the minds of corporate executives as the market landscape becomes increasingly complicated. The lines between industries are becoming blurred and traditional business models are almost constantly being challenged.

Leadership consulting and my European experience

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Being a great consultant means creating meaningful relationships that last. Strong network ties and client engagement creates clients for life that not only create more opportunities for billable work, but also opens doors for exciting consulting opportunities.

The road to strategic alignment. Creating line of sight

Reading Time: 2 minutes

Reaching strategic goals isn’t negotiable. It’s the reason for stakeholders and executives’ very being. It’s what business is all about. Yet according a recent study, just 53 percent of executives characterise their companies’ strategies as emphasising the creation of relative advantage over competitors; the rest say their strategies are better described as matching industry best practices and delivering operational imperatives1. In other words, just playing along.



Understanding the importance of emotional intelligence

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Growing research over the past 15 years suggests that another key ingredient distinguishes good leaders from great leaders – Emotional Intelligence or EI. Having a good understanding of others’ EI will help you to attract, retain and grow a robust leadership pipeline.

Success and survival — it’s all in the mind

Reading Time: 6 minutes

There are many stories of individuals who have overcome unbelievable odds, and through inner-strength, have pulled themselves to safety. But why? What makes these people different? Does this ability to survive translate into the business world?

Growth is on the horizon

Reading Time: 2 minutes

With the tide slowly turning for Australian businesses, forward-thinking CEOs should be positioning for growth as well as optimising their core business. This means putting customer relationships and innovation at the top of the to-do list and replacing a survival approach with a growth mindset.


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