Feature Article

Hacking habits to a better life

Reading Time: 6 minutes

Setting new habits is a powerful tool for transforming leaders’ behaviours. And where leaders go, corporate culture will follow. We discuss how to set habits with purpose…

Carpe Futurum

Reading Time: 15 minutes

The opportunities being created by innovation and disruption are immense. Leaders must adapt and learn to be positioned to successfully ride this speeding, changing wave rather than be dumped by it.

Leaders as Curators of Culture

Reading Time: 2 minutes for introduction article; 20 minutes for Whitepaper (linked)

This white paper examines the new perspective of culture as an adaptable and evolving organism and the relationship between culture and strategy in the age of disruption. Maximus address the criticality of getting culture right and the role the leader plays as cultural curator, outlining how they can navigate their new responsibility without controlling it.

Forging Leadership for the Future

Reading Time: 4 minutes for introduction article; 20 minutes for Whitepaper (linked)

In this paper Maximus examines the effects of seismic shifts in technology and institutional trust on Australian leaders, and recommends ways in which organisations can develop their leaders to meet the challenges.

Social leadership learning: effecting behaviour change, at scale

Reading Time: 3 minutes for introduction article; 15 minutes for Whitepaper (linked)

After decades of leadership development modelled on higher education, frustrated executives and HR professionals are seeking a new way forward. Maximus has been working with leading Australian organisations on a new, innovative approach to compliment the current model: social leadership learning.

Interview with Chip Heath

Reading Time: 5 minutes

Maximus has been collaborating with Chip Heath for some years. Recently, we took the opportunity to discuss how his latest organisational psychology principles are turning customer-satisfaction ratings from “average” to “advocate”.

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