We’re pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Slattery in July as a Director at Maximus and a key member of the firm’s management team. In her role, Slattery oversees the firm’s operations and human resources functions. She also heads up Maximus’s government portfolio, which includes such clients as Transport NSW and Taronga Zoo.

“Chris has been working with us since the beginning, and has played an integral role in recruiting most of the team,” says Vanessa Gavan, Maximus’s Founder and Managing Director. “In this expanded and dedicated role, she’ll not only continue to bring the outstanding talent to the firm, but will also provide the operational leadership we need to fuel our ongoing rapid growth.”

Slattery previously ran her own strategic sourcing and advisory firm, where she counted Maximus among her clients for many years. By joining Maximus, she brings more than 20 years of experience within the consulting sector to the firm, as well as considerable expertise in corporate sales management and leadership. In addition, she will draw on her past experiences helping two other consulting firms achieve significant growth.

“I’m excited to be part of a firm that’s on such a tremendous trajectory,” says Slattery. “I look forward to helping accelerate Maximus’s growth by bringing the firm the systems, processes, and procedures it needs, while also spearheading business development in the firm’s expanding government practice.”

To learn more about Chris, you can check out her bio here.