Driving change across multiple countries and cultures

The Opportunity

For multinational companies, having executives who can lead change in any geography is a strategic advantage.

In 2014, Maximus International partnered with Sibelco Group to help their senior executives meet the leadership challenges of an increasingly competitive and complex marketplace. The experience led to the design, development and delivery of a worldwide program of leadership transformation programs.

Originating from Belgium, Sibelco is one of the world’s largest material solutions companies, operating across five continents.

Following an organisation-wide restructure, they asked us to deliver leadership training to the newly-formed Global Executive Committee (ExCo) before a team offsite to develop the new Group vision and strategy.

The engagement expanded on a seven-year partnership between Maximus International and Sibelco Australia, where we had designed and delivered a range of leadership programs that made a major impact.

Sibelco saw the opportunity to build on our deep experience to help them develop and implement a new global leadership model that would drive cultural change and operational excellence across all regions.

“Maximus International has been an invaluable partner to Sibelco. We have valued their uncompromising focus on achieving high quality, bespoke, leading-edge leadership solutions along with their unwavering flexibility in accommodating our needs.”


Alissa Barlett, Leadership & Talent Development Lead


Maximus partnered with Sibelco to design and deliver a two-day accelerated learning program in Italy.

Research shows that leadership style has more impact on teams than location, and we built the program around the Life Styles Inventory (LSI). This globally-benchmarked leadership tool measures effectiveness based on twelve styles of thinking, behaving and interacting. These encompassed the capabilities the ExCo needed to achieve Sibelco’s strategic goals and could be applied in any country.

The LSI assessment and feedback helped each participant to identify their key strengths and development areas and understand the kind of leader they were — and needed to be.

We then facilitated an experiential learning experience that created connection, enhanced individual executive capability and facilitated a new strategic direction for Sibelco.

It challenged ExCo members’ thinking, showed them what good leadership looked like, and helped them to recognise their impact as leaders. The experience involved a mindset shift that made it challenging to develop and deliver, but added real value for Sibelco.


The ExCo leadership experience was so successful, it launched an ongoing global partnership between Maximus and Sibelco.

In 2016, the Sibelco Global Academy was created as a central umbrella for all strategically-aligned global programs. These included Sibelco Leader, which we co-designed for senior leaders as an evolution of the ExCo experience and delivered in Australia, South America, and Europe. The program was also rolled out in Asia and North America.

We designed and delivered a Sibelco Leader train the trainer program for the regional cascade and created two further Academy programs that addressed middle management and safety.

Recently, our Sibelco Group partnership extended into other areas — see the Sales Execution and Negotiation case study. A high potential development program is under development.


“The team came up with a new vision for the future of Sibelco which will take us beyond our current markets and strong, market-driven strategies to take the company there. The productive week couldn’t have been possible without the leadership training.”


Phil Dibley, Chief Human Resources Officer