A holistic solution to people challenges is delivering clear ROI

The Brief

Double-digit growth every year is an aspirational goal for every listed company. However, even the most successful company can face fundamental issues with people management.

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) is a leading global provider of facilities management and project management services. It has expanded rapidly through strategic acquisition, achieving 20 percent YOY growth for the past five years. BGIS’s current growth objective is an aggressive doubling of value by 2020.

Maximus is working with BGIS on redefining talent management for the whole organisation. The bespoke solution addresses major challenges: improving attraction and retention, creating a high-performance culture, and building leadership capability.

The solution is based on two core work streams: a career development pathway and a leadership development program. An ROI measurement model is assessing the impact of the programs and quantifying the financial impact on the business.

“BGIS needed to develop, execute and communicate
a people management vision.”


Following an extensive discovery process, Maximus provided a comprehensive set of recommendations regarding people systems, processes and approaches. To start with, BGIS needed to develop an integrated, clearly communicated strategy that made people central to business planning and aligned with the BGIS brand promise.

One of our key findings was the need to improve talent identification and development. This was particularly important for the pivotal account manager (AM) role, which was experiencing high turnover due to a perceived lack of support. To address this, Maximus designed and delivered two programs.

The Foundations of Leadership Program (FOL) to empower new and transitioning AMs to do the job by providing leadership skills, tools, and insight.

The Careers Pathway Program, which mapped every level of each role with corresponding capabilities, responsibilities, career pathways, and development activities. We also developed an interactive online learning hub and supporting collateral.


BGIS now has a clear people management vision, strategy, and process that makes employees feel more valued and less dissatisfied. They have a clearer understanding of what is expected in their role and find it easier to plan their career progression.

There are early indicators this has shifted attitudes and is positively influencing internal promotions, which have increased by 5 percent. By the end of the first year, BGIS should be saving $430,000 annually through reducing attrition and increasing productivity.

Maximus has delivered the FOL Program three times. The cost savings and incremental productivity gains are in line with our forecast, and in some case well above. Participating leaders and their direct reports are now more likely to remain with BGIS and less likely to be absent than the wider organisation. We expect both measures to trend upwards.

So far, FOL is on track to deliver a positive ROI of approximately 176 percent to BGIS over four years.