Working together to build a new organisation for a new vision

The Brief

Online streaming, aggressive competitors…the Pay TV industry is consistently challenging. Success relies on agility, innovation and having the best people.

Fox Sports recognises it needs to constantly evolve and innovate to stay ahead of the game. It set a purpose to be the best producer of sports in the world. Over the last 5 years, investments were made in everything from building world-class production facilities, to a refresh of the brand and on-air look through to expansion of digital platforms to reach new customers.

In early 2015 they also set a very clear vision for their people strategy; to be the world’s best, you need to have the world’s best people who are highly engaged. They selected Maximus to help, forming a partnership that has helped to lift employee engagement by 16 per cent so far.

We were initially asked to design and deliver a customised, multi-staged leadership development solution. This work led to an expanded, ongoing relationship that includes values development, reshaping the internal talent system, and leadership development.

The overarching goal is to transform Fox Sports into an engaged, connected and high performing organisation with:

  • The skills and capabilities to achieve the new strategic objectives
  • The ability to meet future challenges, and
  • The attributes to be the industry’s employer of choice

In a highly competitive talent marketplace, partnership with Maximus is providing Fox Sports with a major differentiator.

In a highly competitive talent marketplace, partnership with Maximus is providing Fox Sports with a major differentiator.


Maximus worked with Fox Sports to create a unique creative framework for the solutions, built around sporting contexts, terminology and visuals.

The Peak Performance Management Excellence Program was designed to align core leadership skills across Fox Sports by equipping participants to manage themselves and their teams and drive the business’s strategic and cultural agenda. It was delivered to 32 senior leaders and 60 frontline leaders in face-to-face modules supported by personality assessments, team development workshops and on-the-job embedding activities

The Game Plan solution helped to define organisational values, uncovering the attributes and behaviours participants required to reach their goals as individuals, teams and an organisation. Following extensive internal and external consultation and engagement, we developed the new values and built support tools, events and an embedding strategy.

Maximus has also designed and facilitated team development off-sites with the Digital and Programming teams and coached key leaders in specific leadership development areas.


In a highly competitive talent marketplace, partnership with Maximus is providing Fox Sports with a major differentiator. Independent specialists Aon Hewitt measured key engagement indicators before we began work and six months later. During that time, employee engagement rose by 16 per cent, the most significant six-month lift in Aon Hewitt’s history.

This outstanding result validates the highly targeted approach and delivery that Maximus and Fox Sports developed together. The Peak Performance solution has improved people management by identifying the skills and behaviours leaders need to reach Fox Sports’ strategic goals, addressing any gaps and providing a set of support tools.

The Game Plan solution has provided Fox Sports with a set of clear, compelling values that are aligned with future success, along with a strategy for continuing to embed them into key processes.

Maximus is now working with Fox Sports to further strengthen engagement by reshaping the internal career system and building a leadership capability framework.