The Opportunity

From a single workshop in 2008, Maximus International’s relationship with banking and insurance specialist Suncorp Group has grown into a strategic Master Vendor partnership that helps the Top 20 ASX company to stay ahead in a challenging world.

From 2011-2016, we designed and delivered 19 Group and business unit leadership development programs, including a flagship Business Leader Program involving 250 leaders.

In 2016, Suncorp Group underwent a major restructure and rebranding and adopted a different go-to-market model. Facing marketplace transformation, they needed to become customer obsessed, agile, responsive and digitally enabled. This was a brave move in the highly competitive financial services market and Suncorp’s leaders were the key to making it workable and sustainable.

Maximus International was reappointed as a key development partner so we could build on our previous work with fresh top-to-bottom leadership development programs that supported their ambitious transformation agenda and could be delivered on a large scale.

 “It pushed me outside my comfort zone and really helped me gain an understanding of, and reconfirm, why I lead and how my personal life ties in with my current leadership.”


We recommended a structure consisting of five interlinked, progressive and bespoke leadership development programs under a single banner: LEAD. The solution supports all Suncorp Group’s leaders at every stage of their careers.

LEAD I, II and III were rolled out across multiple levels of Group and business unit leaders in 2016, 2017, and 2018.

Each program includes individual and collective modules built around common themes: self-insight, exponential thinking, customer value and leveraging strengths for leadership. Tailored to suit the development needs of each management level, these provide the essential skills and capabilities for leading a collaborative, agile and customer-focused business.

The design illustrates the Maximus International difference. We believe leaders should think about situations differently as well as doing things differently. For Suncorp, we have combined deep and relevant learning experiences, stretching case studies and internal and external scenario exploration with mindset-shifting learning simulations.

This is a more complex, nuanced and challenging way to tackle enterprise-wide change than traditional approaches, but results in impactful and sustainable outcomes.


We trained in-house facilitators for LEAD I and II, while we deliver LEAD III.

A transitional program for new business leaders, LEAD III is regularly achieving a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 85-100. It has been delivered to 160 leaders at 10 locations across Australia and New Zealand since late 2016 and is booked for a further five cohorts in 2018.

All three programs are building a pipeline of leaders who are well-equipped to lead employees on a customer-centric journey and build the culture required by Suncorp Group’s future state.

In line with a commitment to continuous improvement that has always defined our relationship with Suncorp Group, we are jointly reviewing the LEAD programs quarterly to ensure they keep up with a rapidly changing marketplace.