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Qantas Airways operates in a highly competitive, ever-changing industry where agility and responsiveness are essential. The airline relies on on-board and ground leaders to facilitate change and execute corporate strategy, so engaging and developing them is vital. After successfully piloting a new global leader talent program for selected On Board Managers (OBMs), Qantas International Division engaged Maximus International in 2017 to rebrand, expand and deliver the program.

Disrupting Leaders: Fire Up The Future

Today’s businesses face numerous challenges to their sustainability thanks to the exponential growth of technology. With disruption now the norm, fantastic opportunities lie ahead, but without forward-thinking leaders, organisations will miss them and many won’t survive.

In 2017, we launched Fire Up The Future, an intensive annual program, based around disruption and leadership, aimed at C-suite executives looking for a global development experience without having to travel overseas.

Redesigning Healthdirect Australia

Healthdirect Australia relieves the strain on our public health system by giving Australians free, 24/7 access to health information, advice and services on topics ranging from pregnancy through to aged care. It had scaled up everything – staff, services, partners and customers – but not invested internally in updating its organisational structure to match, which was threatening to negatively impact productivity and employee engagement.

A new vision for Fox Sports

In early 2015 Fox Sports set a very clear vision for their people strategy; to be the world’s best. To do that you need to have the world’s best people who are highly engaged.  They selected Maximus to help, forming a partnership that has helped to lift employee engagement by 16 per cent (so far).

Reinventing the NRMA Member Experience

Since 1920, NRMA has helped millions of Australians to stay safe on the road. So why did Australia’s largest member organisation need our help with improving its member loyalty, competitiveness and growth prospects? Because it needed to undergo fundamental change.

Smarter Hiring at Johnson & Johnson

In the war for talent, the selection process is a major weapon. Around 50 percent of new hires fail within 18 months and selection process mistakes cause 80 percent of staff turnover. Getting the right person into the right role every time provides a competitive advantage and saves the cost of a bad hire around 3.5 times their annual salary.

Moving Minds at HCF

Nimble and aggressive new players, an ageing member base and rising costs have shifted Australia’s private health insurance landscape. One of the biggest changes is the rise of more demanding and value-driven customers.

Master Vendor for Johnson & Johnson

Around the world, the health industry is undergoing systemic change as rapidly evolving demographics, technologies, and attitudes disrupt its economics and dynamics.

Future-Proofing Janssen

Research shows door-knocking pharmaceutical sales representatives will soon be replaced by a smaller, more agile workforce focused on consultative selling and account management. So how do you convert product specialists driven by reach and frequency into a team of true integrators with holistic account understanding and a drive to add value?

Talent Solutions for Johnson & Johnson

In a sector that is high on disruption and low on talent availability, J&J is taking a holistic, future-focused approach to building its talent pipeline. Maximus has delivered a series of customised talent management and leadership development solutions across the J&J Family of Companies.

Redesigning Brookfield GIS

Brookfield Global Integrated Solutions (BGIS) is a leading global provider of facilities management and project management services. It has expanded rapidly through strategic acquisition, achieving 20 percent YOY growth for the past five years. BGIS’s current growth objective is an aggressive doubling of (revenues/ headcount/capital value?) by 2020.

Transforming Telstra with The League

To achieve its 2020 goals, Telstra needs purposeful, authentic leaders who can drive transformation. From a pool of 2,000 high-potential candidates, they had identified the 26 most likely to achieve this. Our job was to equip these top 26 with deep strategic and market understanding, the courage to challenge the status quo, and the confidence to energise their people.

Training Taronga

Growing guest numbers and per-head spend are essential for the economic survival of zoos. The entertainment and educational value of their animals isn’t enough — they have to tick every visitor box, including good customer service. To support their commitment to operating the best zoos in the world, Taronga Conservation Society Australia wanted to deliver a best practice guest experience at Taronga Zoo in Sydney and Taronga Western Plains Zoo.

A cultural shift at Sunsuper

The Australian superannuation industry is undergoing extensive consolidation and disruption. To reach its five-year goal of evolving from a mid-tier to a major player, Sunsuper is transforming itself through a series of strategic initiatives. These include a major culture shift that must be driven from the top down.

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