With the plethora of information being disseminated, noise in market and demands of the current situation, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. Vanessa Gavan, Founder & Joint Managing Director of Maximus, has assembled a quick checklist and set of tips for leaders.


Have you…


✓ Acknowledged the rapidly evolving uncertainty with your people?

Action ideas: Do this not just once but on a consistent basis given the rate new information is being shared and challenges are unfolding.

✓ Set up crisis and contingency rhythms and rituals to support your business and teams through this period?

Action ideas: If you haven’t already, set up a daily COVID-19 stand up meeting, set up agile streams of critical work, and establish a live business position on key decisions and approaches for the safety of people, the support of customers and the performance of the business.

✓ Set your people up well to work virtually?

Action ideas: If you haven’t set up engaging ways of working on different technologies, and established the conditions for virtual work, now is the time. Technology has made an enormous leap forward and working virtually is no longer a hinderance. Lead by example to ensure your teams are engaging well, adapting their outputs and developing higher competence levels. You should set the expectations of utilisation and rhythms.

✓ Qualified your current business position?

Action ideas: Identify the fact base, data and scenario planning needed to isolate the important decisions to face into over the coming months.

✓ Confirmed all the certainties you can?

Action ideas: Help your people to focus on the certainties they have. Proactively say where you can give certainty and where you can’t at this time. This will help you to bring focus through the noise, allowing you to identify the potential impacts during the uncertainty.

✓ Given your people the assurances you can and put their well-being first?

Action ideas: Regularly check they feel cared for and safe. Enquire about their communities and loved ones, support them to make decisions about how they operate effectively through this.

✓ Proactively reached out to your customers and placed them firmly within your priority agenda?

Action ideas: These will be the times you create or lose advocacy. Establish a daily mechanism to ensure you have customers and the moments you are providing for them in your view.

✓ Planned some different positive and connective things you can build into your next few months to inject energy into your teams?

Action ideas: Energy is a finite resource. Think about doing things that will fill people’s bucket rather than take from it.

Maximus Virtual Masterclass Series

In addition to the open thought leadership Maximus has created to assist during this period, we recognise that a number of leaders require a deeper and more concentrated level of support to shift mindsets and manage the new normal.

Maximus has developed a selection of virtual masterclass experiences focused on delivering the capabilities and mindsets leaders require at this time.

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