Solutions Leader for Organisation Design and Change

Ryan Dixon is a principal consultant at Maximus International. He has 15 years of experience working with a range of top-tier clients across a range sectors, both nationally and internationally. At Maximus, Ryan works with leading Australian firms such as GrainCorp, Westpac and Sunsuper. Prior to joining Maximus, Ryan helped launch the organisational effectiveness consulting practice at Hay Group in the United States. He then joined the Hay Group business in Australia to expand the business solutions practice.

With a strong understanding of strategy, economics, human resources management and the principles of organisation design and behaviour, Ryan specialises in partnering with clients to solve complex business issues and develop and action tailored organisational solutions. He partners with clients in order to build organisational capacity and develop internal capabilities.

Holding a Master of Business Administration from Yale University 
and a Bachelor of Science in Management, Ryan takes a creative approach to conducting analysis on organisational issues, developing outcomes that drive value and create impact. He advises clients on a range of issues including organisation design and change, talent management, leadership development, employee engagement and motivation and remuneration program design.

Outside of Maximus, Ryan likes to keep fit and enjoys snowboarding, golf and exploring new places through travel.

“I believe management consulting should be treated more as a profession, with clear qualifications, strict ethical standards and most importantly the obligation to contribute to the public good.  To me this means providing objective counsel and service apart from the expectation of business gain.  My foremost priority is to continuously develop my ability to provide the best advice I can to clients.”

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