Consistency and improved data collection
are improving candidate quality

The Brief

Facing sector-wide disruption and a global talent shortage, in 2014 sector leaders Johnson & Johnson (J&J) decided to get more strategic about sourcing and developing the best people to lead them into the future. To do this, they partnered with Maximus across the J&J Family of Companies: J&J Medical Devices, J&J Pacific, and Janssen Pharmaceuticals.

Since then, Maximus has designed and delivered a number of customised talent management and leadership development solutions.

One solution has transformed J&J’s recruitment process. Until recently, there was a psychometric assessment provider for each business. Realising the value of consolidation, J&J engaged Maximus as the sole provider. They hoped to benefit from a more holistic recruitment approach, aggregated data analysis and benchmarking, and talent crossover between businesses.
We devised and implemented an enterprise-wide assessment solution that focused on business growth, driving employee performance and ensuring talent alignment across the whole company.

Maximus now manages the candidate journey for the entire J&J Family of Companies


Maximus now manages the candidate journey for the entire J&J Family of Companies — liaison, testing, analysis, customised individual reporting, feedback, and initial development planning. To formulate the most appropriate assessment solution and process for each grade, the Maximus team worked closely with the three divisional HR directors and the central talent acquisition manager. The resulting matrix guides recruitment at every level throughout the company.

The assessment process provides a complete profile of the candidate — their abilities, preferences, learning agility, cultural alignment, and fitness for the role. A suite of sophisticated tools reveals insights into desired attributes.

In addition to being more efficient and more strategically aligned, the new solution adds value. Maximus provides J&J with consolidated performance and benchmarking data to support informed planning and decision-making, and leverages psychological insights to improve each candidate’s on-boarding and development experience.


Thanks to the information Maximus collects and analyses during psychometric assessment, new recruits are more suited to their roles and more successfully inducted and developed. Managers are able to make better hiring decisions and select people who, as well as having the right competencies for the role, align with the J&J culture, and are agile enough to cope with and respond to the constantly changing environment in which J&J operates.

Each new employee — and their manager — receives a personalised development plan that helps them to become proficient more quickly, enhancing group performance.

J&J is also benefiting from Maximus’s quarterly and yearly reports. Drawing on key indicators and historical benchmarking information, these include trends analysis and measure J&J’s recruitment performance against internal and external benchmarks. The reports provide insights that are helping to improve decision-making around culture, performance, and leadership.